Workshop Information

The aim of this workshop is to help you to lose the fear of public speaking to the point where you actually feel that you could enjoy standing up and talking to an audience.

So, we start with the skills you already have, build in some techniques that you can use instantly to help build confidence and teach you how to remain calm when the nerves start to kick in.

This programme is designed for upto 4 participants at each workshop.

The example timetable, opposite, may vary depending upon the needs of the participants.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know how to connect with your audience
  • Feel more confident that you have what it takes to stand up and talk
  • Have a technique to calm your nerves, every time!
  • Have a technique to engage your audience
  • Have a powerful speech writing format that is proven
  • Be able to breathe properly, so your speech will sound controlled and calm
  • Believe in your own performance and be able to focus your belief every time you call on it
  • Have a strategy to approach every speech you give
  • Be able to increase your confidence in just two minutes
  • Re-write your belief about your ability to speak in public

Example timetable:

9.00am         Introduction
9.15am        ‘Ice-Breakers’
9.30am        “Story”
10.15am      “Performance”
11.00am       Break
11.15am      “Emotional State”
12.00pm      “Audience”
12.45pm      “Killer Ending”
1.10pm         Wrap-up
1.30pm         Finish