What If? Mentoring Group

Hi Guys!

Welcome to the “What If? Mentoring Group”.

I’ve had a sudden change of heart about the name of this group – Although, I’m in a “Warrior mindset”, it has occurred to me (and Sue has also suggested) that it might not suit the mindset of all of my mentees. The “What If” story is one that is very close to my heart and will also help us all to challenge the self-talk in just an appropriate way…

This content will help you set yourself up for success every day.  It will help you serve your communities and the world around you.  It will give you the confidence to do anything and be anyone in the world that you want!

This page is exclusively for those of you at Nottingham Robin Hood Toastmasters who have asked me to be their mentor.  It’s a way of me giving you extra value and helping you on your respective journeys.  No-one else will get this particular content.  It’s exclusive to my mentees.

Watch the video to find out more…

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m learning from the greatest teachers in the world on this stuff – Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Jen Sicuro, Brendon Burchard and so on… And everything I learn, I will gladly pass on to you all.

It’s time to think abundantly about everything in your lives – Love, Connection, Contribution, Spirituality, Success, Health, Money – Everything!

I hope you’ll engage with this, because I know all these tools and techniques will change your outlook on the world, defeat any negative self-talk  and find the greatness inside of each of you.

This video will give you more information.

Also, to access all the content in my course, please click on the button below.  Please keep the access code to yourselves (Password: Xy7DpT).

This is an online course that I have created to help people become more confident communicators and I hope this will become a full-time enterprise for me, so, obviously, this course is normally available for sale, so please keep the content to yourselves.  Thanks.

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Many thanks.