SPEAK System – Video Series

Welcome to the SPEAK SYSTEM!

Thank you for buying the video series and I look forward to working with you as we progress through the five modules below.

Remember that there are pdf documents to download from this page, as well as mp3 audio files that you can download and take with you.

I genuinely believe that you are starting this journey with some skills already.  I’ve been a mentor for Toastmasters International (the international public speaking organisation) for some time now, and I can say without a doubt everyone I’ve mentored has grown and developed using this method.

I know it can work for you too!

Module 1 - STORY

Writing Your Script

"Stepping Stones"

Let's 'Wrap-Up'

Module 2 - Performance

Performance - Introduction

Physical Performance

Vocal Performance Pt.1

Vocal Performance Pt.2

Film Yourself

Module 3 - Emotional State

Emotional State

Meditation & Visualisation

"Superman" Pose


Brain Training

Module 4 - Audience


Eye Contact

Module 5 - "Killer Ending"

Killer Ending Pt.1

Killer Ending Pt.2

Photograph Acknowledgements