Voice of God – Conference Package

The Voice of God Package does exactly what it says: A professionally recorded set of Voice of God stings that can be fired by your technician on site as necessary.

Each announcement will be delivered as a separate file that can be fired from any conference audio software package or lined up as a set of mp3’s on a memory stick.

The stings will be tailored to the event and include all the names of the speakers and panellists to be introduced
(upto a maximum of 15).

Everything you need to move your audience in and out of the room, welcome them to the event and introduce people onto stage.

The style and feeling of the voice stings will be matched to suit the event.


Special Introductory Offer:




What’s included:

  • “Welcome to the event”
  • “Please take your seats, we’ll be starting in 15, 10, 5* minutes”
  • “Please take your seats, we’ll be underway in just a few seconds time”
  • “Welcome to the stage – Your Host / MC / ‘role’ – xxxxxx!
  • “Will you please welcome xxxxxx to the stage” – Complete set of ‘welcome to”
  • “Ladies and Gentlemen – We’ll now take a short break of 10/20/30* minutes,
    please be back in your seats promptly for the next session”
  • “Ladies and Gentlemen – We now have a lunch break of 30/45/60* minutes,
    please be back in your seats promptly for the afternoon session”
  • “End of day announcement – Have a safe trip / This evening’s dinner / awards / entertainment
    will begin at 7.30pm right here in the ……

*times can be adjusted to suit your needs – we’ll record several to allow for delays and alterations during the day.

Please Note:

For multiple events, we will provide a core set of stings and create a package deal incorporating all the events throughout a set period.


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