Professional voiceover artist, event & awards presenter and speaking coach.


“Speaking for you

And helping you to

speak for yourselves”

I’m a professionally-trained voiceover artist and live event presenter with over 15 years experience.

My work includes corporate video, live shows, awards presentations, ‘Voice of God’ and pre-recorded voice work for corporate and commercial clients.
This is just a small sample of some of the work I’ve produced for clients:
If you’d like to hear how I would sound on your project, please send over a short extract of the script and I’ll produce a sample for you.
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Professional production

I have a background in film and conference production and so I’m very used to being on your side of the editing suite.  I’ve spent hours listening to voiceovers to pick exactly the right intonation and feeling tone for each production.

So, I always use high-end Sennheiser G3 mics and Adobe software to deliver as good a quality sound file as you need for you production.

Pre-recorded “Voice of God” options

I’ve created a series of pre-recorded packages that are either available ‘off the shelf’ for immediate use, or can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements

CLICK HERE to see the packages available and prices.

Conference “Voice of God” package:


Awards Ceremony “Voice of God” package:


“Welcome to the Stage” package:

Brand new e-book – OUT NOW!


This book will help you gain confidence and become more self-assured when you step up onto a stage to deliver that big presentation. Working with a simple and easy-to-implement system, I help you take the steps needed to feel calm and relaxed when all eyes are on you!

Click the link opposite to register your interest and we’ll send you a free copy of the ebook, as soon as it’s released, in early 2018.


“His voice is like melted dark chocolate – I love it”

Cloud 9 Event Management – Awards Ceremony, Manchester War Museum

“It was a pleasure to work with you and we felt like we were in really good hands!”

European Sales Implementation Manager, Enterprise Holdings

“Really focused on what we’re trying to achieve as an end product.  Very quick and efficient to turn things around!”

EMEA Learning Leader, Ernst & Young