21-Day Challenge Introduction

Welcome to the 21-day Challenge!

During this course, you’ll learn a range of techniques that will help you communicate with more confidence and effectiveness.  You’ll discover your unique message and convert that into an engaging story that connects with your audience, whether that’s 1 person or a 1,001 people!

No matter what stage you’re at right now, you’ll soon be able to access the skills you need to be able to find the courage to stand up and find your voice!

These skills will transform the way you connect with people and the way you interact with the world.


Take a 'Sneak Peak' inside the 21-Day Challenge!

What you’ll learn:

  • Where your communication style comes from
  • How to change your thought patterns to adapt your communication style
  • How to conquer your own negative self-talk
  • How to set yourself up for success every day
  • How to master your own emotional state
  • What fears are and how to shrink them
  • How to grow your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • How to craft your story and your conversations
  • How to go into a job interview, meeting or presentation with confidence
  • How to KNOW that you’ll do a great job!
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How does the 21-Day Challenge Work?

What people are saying about the SPEAK SYSTEM:


“Fantastic Public Speaking Course”

“Graham has put together a fantastic public speaking course, called the S.P.E.A.K. System! He’s a very inspiring teacher – lively, engaging, with a brilliant sense of humour. He also has a great instinct for structure and timing, and can help a lot with that when it comes to presenting. I’m sure many of us who are going public with our work could really benefit from the many insights, tips, tricks and practical know-how that Graham can offer. I highly recommend this.”

John W. – Author

“Graham Gave me the feeling that I could do it!”

“When I was asked to do an audition, I was really quite nervous.  Graham was extremely helpful in helping my breathing and posture, and he gave me the feeling that I could it.

I thought that because I had always had a career in the media that I’d be a natural speaker but it didn’t come naturally to me.  Without all those things I just wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it.  Anyway, I got the job!”

Christine P. – RTS Award-winning TV Producer

“Thank you for sharing these inspiring videos”

“Thank you for sharing these inspiring videos, they extend beyond public speaking into everyday life; extremely useful, if someone suffers from low self esteem or are no longer able to hide behind the wall of a false sense of confidence .

Your videos encourage people to look at outmoded, often untrue thought patterns and conditioning and through this understanding , begin to re-build their self confidence based upon firm foundation of renewed self belief and a greater sense of true self worth.”

Susan T.

“All videos delivered with a nice, casual but effective style.”

“I have just finished the 21 day challenge. I thought the order of the videos was perfect especially for those who haven’t done any speaking – but also a great reminder for those that have.  Excited to investigate the “Hero” guidelines.  All videos delivered with a nice, casual but effective style – clear, concise and encouraging.  I look forward to implementing some of the tips and techniques in front of the camera especially.”

Jean F.

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