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I’m a presenter and host for corporate video and live events.

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As an ex-professional dancer who has travelled the world, I have a specialism in theatre and entertainment.  I also have a keen interest in the human mindset.  This leads me on a quest to help people understand the workings of their own mind, helping them develop a stronger sense of purpose and find more joy in their lives.

I’m an all-round presenter, with an interest in people, travel, entertainment, science and politics.


I spent around 12 years travelling the world, performing on stages and in theatres around the globe, as a professional dancer.  The performance side was always a huge passion for me and being able to travel at the same time, fired my interest in the people I met and made me curious about what makes people who they are.

When the 17 year old guys started making me look slow on stage, I decided to retire from that career and start a creative communications company helping companies to connect creatively, with their own people and with their clients.

Throughout this time, I’ve produced a number of pieces to camera, voiceovers for films and at live events and hosting to thousands of guests live as well.

My passion for being on stage and communicating with people has never left me and I’ve spent much of the past 10 years learning what makes people tick and understanding how I can help them communicate better.

Having worked as presenter, producer and director for corporate films, I have an all-round knowledge of how to put together great content.

My mission now is to try and help people live better lives by helping them to create better stories about themselves.